Twitter Bootstrap: One of the latest innovations to hit the design and web development area.
It is sleek, intuitive and powerful front-end frameworks for faster and easier web development which uses HTML, CSS and Javascript.
It was developed by Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton at Twitter & released as an open source product in August 2011 on GitHub.

Bootstrap Built-in Features

  • A fluid grid layout
  • Responsive design
  • Custom form elements
  • Typography
  • JavaScript interaction
  • Cross-browser compatibility


Why We Need to Use Bootstrap:

Support all latest Browsers:  It is supported by all popular browsers for example Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari & Chrome etc.

Easy to started: It’s easy to started because it required the knowledge of HTML and CSS . Also you can get documentation from its official site.

Save Your Time:  Bootstrap offer you readymade pieces of code. You just need to find the right piece and fit it into the structure of your website. It will save your time as well as effort to create code.

Fully Customizable: The best aspect of bootstrap is that you can choose the features which you want to include in your site so easily because it consist of beautiful and functional built-in components.

In other words we can say that bootstrap lets you factor in your own needs and tailor your development project accordingly.

Web Based Customization: It also provides web based customization.
Mobile first approach:  In this framework you can redesign almost everything to start from a lower screen size and scale up.

Responsiveness: Bootstrap best feature is that it is responsive. Its responsive CSS adapts to the change in platforms with great speed and efficiency.

Impressive Documentation: Its documentation is really impressive. It gives you proper head documentation which will save your time.