SEO is not only about creating quality links, but also about cleaning bad links.


SEO has changed a lot with entry of Panda and Penguin algorithms. There is no standard process for SEO in these days; rather it’s all about intelligence with latest methods of search engine optimization. It’s not all about creating links, but creating few tested links which works. Contents are playing important part in SEO combined with Social media and quality link building. Since we are in business from 12 years, and we have seen every algorithm invented by Google, and changed our technology and methods accordingly, we know what your website needs to rank high in search engines. Here is what we will do in SEO.

  • On Page SEO : It’s all starts from your website, its contents, structure, tags, speeds and many more factors are responsible which makes your web site search engine friendly. We have in-house SEO experts which will study your website for On Page changes needs.
  • Link Building – Link building is not same as it used to be a year ago, now it needs smart link building with Guest Blog Posting, Social Media, Press Releases, Content Marketing and many more tried and tested methods which are natural and add value to web site visitors.
  • Social Media – Social media is also part of SEO in these days to give your website branding, authority and trust it needs in Google eyes. More the word out for your brand, more the search engines will trust for your website.
  • Contents : Contents are and will play major part in SEO, we complete all your content related requirements from staring for web copy to PR’s and Guest Blog Postings etc.
  • Back Link Profile Audit/Cleaning : After recent penguin updates, it has become almost necessary for each website to have bad links cleaned. We take is important step in SEO to have your links profile audited and cleaned as we build new authority links.

Back Link Profile Audit/Cleaning

Why you need to have your back links profile audited or cleaned? This is the question which comes in your mind usually. The answer is very simple, after the invention of Penguin algorithm, which was aimed to target sites having low quality links, have been affecting to decrease search engine ranking partial or site wide. Its impact has been growing since it’s launched. In recent update, many sites which escaped from previous updates have been the target of the algorithm.

So why to wait for penguin algorithm to penalize your website while you can easily avoid all the bad things which can happen to your website due to low quality links. At Digital Media Junkies, our team have experience of auditing 1000 of websites back links and than doing outreach for cleaning the same. We know which link is having authority and good reputation while which link is of low value. So contact us today to sustain your ranking in Google.

Outsource SEO Projects
If you are Web Design Company having SEO Clients, SEO Firm or SEO Consultant, You can outsource SEO projects to us and we assure that our experience in SEO industry will provide you top results.